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This year, the ARO is asking for your votes to decide on who will be their Man of The Year.

Who will be the Man of the Year? That’s up for grabs, and it’s a competition that includes everyone. Every year ARO puts together some great videos on their TikTok channel showcasing moments from all different categories like Underdog Victories or Outrageous Calls in order to give fans an opportunity vote between winners from each category before ultimately choosing “The Man/Woman of The Year.”

Here are the final candidates:

Aaron Rodgers

Rodgers made waves on and off the field in 2021. We think he speaks his mind and is a man of the people. Aaron appeared in top stories on ARO: The internet is doing a hit on Aaron Rodgers, and Award voter is miffed about Aaron Rodgers.

Joe Biden

How could the man with the most votes in election history not be up for man of the year? We will leave it up to another vote to see if he is indeed the people’s choice. Joe Biden appeared in multiple ARO articles: Man Says “Let’s Go Brandon” to Joe Biden on live call, “F**K Joe Biden” Chants Are the New Trend at Games Across the Country, Joe Biden left over 200 Americans behind, In steps Joe Biden, Joe Biden turns 78 – Here is his Medical Summary and more.

Bill Cosby

Bill got back in the spotlight in 2021. The man was victorious and continued the ARO Bill Cosby saga. Bill Cosby is an ARO legend, he appeared in a full saga: COSBY… ARO called it in 2019, Ron Jeremy Indicted, Cuomo Brothers Sexual Assault Tag Team,  Cosby: Bizarre New Details Emerge, Cosby Giving Sexual Abuse Prevention Speech, and Bill Cosby is ‘Done’, But Is He ‘Finished’?.

This poll is no longer accepting votes

Vote here for the ARO Man of the Year:

ARO Man of the Year voting ends 1/31/2022 at midnight.

Who will be the 2021 Man of the year?



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