• If it ain’t broke don’t fix it at the border
    The U.S. Southern Border: A Tale of Political Gridlock and Humanitarian Crisis Once upon a time, in the land of the free and home of the brave, a border stood […]
  • Levi’s Stadium: A Dream Unfulfilled?
    Levi’s Stadium: A Dream Unfulfilled? Levi’s Stadium, the home of the San Francisco 49ers, stands as a symbol of ambition and modernity. Yet, despite its cutting-edge design and state-of-the-art facilities, […]
  • Why strong military aged men are getting paid to come into the US?
    The Curious Case of Military-Aged Men Paid to Enter the United States Recently, the United States has seen a significant increase in border crossings, particularly by military-aged men. This phenomenon […]
  • Rage Against the Machine No Longer Raging Against the Machine
    Rage Against the Machine No Longer Raging Against the Machine Rage Against the Machine (RATM), an American rock band formed in 1991, has been synonymous with political activism and protest. […]
  • More racial media bias = Police Brutality
    Unveiling the Media’s Role in Framing Race and Police Brutality: The Case of an LA County Deputy Incident Once again, mainstream media is under the spotlight, as questions surface about […]
  • The Problem with Trash-Talking: Why NBA Players Need to Be Better Role Models
    The world of professional basketball is known for its incredible talent and athleticism, but it’s also known for the larger-than-life personalities of its players. With the rise of social media, these personalities have found a new platform to express themselves, and many have taken advantage of it to engage in trash-talking and other forms of provocative behavior. While this behavior may be entertaining for some fans, it can also be seen as a reflection of a larger problem within the league: the lack of positive role models for young people.
  • Is Tupac still alive?
    Twenty-five years after his death, Tupac Shakur remains one of the most iconic and influential figures in the history of hip hop. Born in New York City and raised in California, the rapper, actor, and poet rose to fame in the early 1990s with a series of acclaimed albums that explored themes of social justice, racial inequality, and urban life. But on September 13, 1996, Shakur was fatally shot in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada, leaving behind a legacy that continues to inspire new generations of fans and artists.
  • The Top 10 Searched People of 2022: A Year of Controversy and Entertainment
    The year 2022 has come and gone, and as we look back at the most searched people of the year, it’s clear that entertainment was on everyone’s mind. These top ten searched people included actors, athletes, and even a socialite-turned-scammer.
  • Poison on the Tracks: The Alarming Uptick in Toxic Train Accidents Across America
    Toxic train accidents have become an alarming trend across the United States, with multiple incidents occurring in various parts of the country. From South Carolina to rural California, metropolitan Detroit, Philadelphia, Alabama, Alaska, Louisiana, Texas, and now, a new incident outside of Orlando, Florida, toxic spills are contaminating local water supplies and causing significant environmental damage.
  • The GOATs Who Let Their Game Do The Talking
    Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, and Wayne Gretzky are names that are synonymous with greatness in their respective sports. They are considered legends not just because of their incredible talents and accomplishments, but also because of the way they carried themselves on and off the field. They never had to proclaim themselves as the greatest; their actions spoke for themselves.
  • Debunking the Myth: Oil is Not Scarce, Industry’s Tactics Exposed
    Oil is a commodity that plays a vital role in our daily lives and is a crucial aspect of our modern world. The oil industry has been at the forefront of public attention due to the recent fluctuations in oil prices and the industry’s efforts to maintain its image. The industry has been making various claims, such as the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the new hurricane season, Iran’s threat, the impact of Nigeria’s cutoffs on supply, the influence of global events, and the market reflecting the prices, among others. However, one of the most concerning claims made by the oil industry is that the world is running out of oil and that shortages are imminent.
  • The Rich Are Leaving California and New York for Better Managed States
    It’s no secret that some of the wealthiest people in the United States are leaving their homes in California and New York. Political tensions, ever-changing tax laws, and an overall lack of direction have caused many affluent citizens to flee to more financially stable areas. For these wealthy individuals, Arizona and Texas offer warm climates with fewer restrictions on their income, while Florida stands out as the prime destination for its low taxes and logical governance. Let’s take a look at why these states are so attractive to high-income households.
  • CU Football might BE BACK!
    In sports news, it is being reported that former NFL Superstar and Hall of Famer Deion Sanders could soon be named the head coach of the Colorado Buffaloes football team. With this potential hire, the university has a chance to reclaim its place in college football history as one of the powerhouses of the game. Let’s take a look at what the future might hold for CU if Deion takes over.
  • Jimmy Kimmel tweets at Elon Musk and calls him a “piece of sh*t”
    Late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel and tech mogul Elon Musk got into a Twitter spat that quickly spiraled out of control. Actually, Elon Musk didn’t seem to care. It all started when Kimmel tweeted at Musk, calling him a “piece of shit” in response to a recent string of tweets in which Musk had expressed his belief that there were “strange developments” in the Paul Pelosi attack.
  • Was Paul Pelosi part of a circle of Filth?
    In recent months, a lot of ink has been spilled on the topic of Jeffrey Epstein and his alleged involvement in a wide-ranging sex trafficking scheme. But one aspect of the story that hasn’t received nearly as much attention is the role that Epstein’s private island, Little St. James, may have played in his criminal enterprise.
  • Did you get fired from Twitter?
    So you got fired from your cushy job at Twitter. Big whoop. Suck it up, buttercup, and learn from your mistakes so you can get back on your feet and move on with your life. This is business, and you weren’t cut-throat enough to make the cut. Your Gender Studies Degree was not valuable enough to stay on staff. Twitter is taking a new direction. Elon Musk is trimming the fat.
  • The Spurious Theory That Nancy Pelosi’s Husband Was Attacked by His Gay Lover
    There is a spurious theory going around that Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul, was attacked by his gay lover. The theory is based on an incorrect news report and a handful of evidence that its proponents have spun wildly out of context. It runs contrary to the explanation police and federal law enforcement has outlined. However there was many holes in the Paul Pelosi DUI. Could this also be happening in this altercation?
  • Biden’s $7 Gas Claim – What He’s Not Telling You
    In a recent speech, President Joe Biden claimed that gas prices hitting $7 per gallon “has always been the case” in California. He went on to say that his policies if enacted, would bring prices down. But is he telling the truth?
  • blink-182 is Back! Are they Better Than Ever?
    The early 2000s were a golden age for pop punk. One of the most iconic bands of that era was blink-182, made up of Tom DeLonge, Mark Hoppus, and Travis Barker. The band went on hiatus in 2005, but they recently announced that they were getting back together and released a new single called “EDGING.” The question on everyone’s mind is whether or not the new Blink-182 can measure up to the old one.
  • Elon Musk – Twitter Ahole or Genius?
    Californians seem to be divided on Elon Musk. Some say he’s a genius, and others say he’s an a-hole. So which is it? Let’s take a closer look at the evidence.
  • Are Psychedelic Mushrooms becoming more Mainstream?
    Absolutely – Denver and Oakland in the Unites States are two recent examples of cities that have legalized shrooms and we believe strongly that this wave of legalization will only continue, including Canada where we have already legalized marijuana thanks to a greater understanding of its effects.1-33-1400×788
  • Liz Cheney is on the way out
    It seems Liz Cheney has been in the news lately, thanks to Donald Trump. And for a good reason, she is a sound bite. She’s been saying some pretty inflammatory things. The most recent episode of Liz Cheney is her saying, “If Trump wins the GOP Nomination, she won’t be a republican anymore.” To that, I think the world replies, “who cares.” We all know Liz Cheney is an establishment girl, regardless. She is in the right spot as long as she can make under-the-table deals.
  • Wyoming Defeats Tulsa in Double Overtime Thriller
    Wyoming Defeats Tulsa in Double Overtime ThrillerIn a game that featured more than its fair share of twists and turns, the Wyoming Cowboys ultimately came out on top, defeating the Tulsa Golden Hurricanes 40-37 in double overtime.The Cowboys got off to a quick start with the defense scoring in the game’s first minute. After that, the Golden Hurricanes and the Cowboys would trade punches throughout the game. The game stayed tight into halftime.
  • The ghost of Trump hits Cheney and the Establishment.
    The ghost of Trump hits Cheney and the Establishment.In a stunning upset, Liz Cheney was handily defeated by political newcomer Harriet Hageman in Wyoming. House seat. Cheney, daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, was considered the favorite going into the race but was unable to overcome Hageman strong support from none other than President Donald Trump himself.Though she had the financial backing, including her father, Cheney failed to win over enough voters with her message, which rubbed Wyoming wrong. In addition to Trump’s endorsement, Hegeman was able to win without the backing of most major groups.Cheney’s loss is sure to be interpreted as a major defeat for the establishment, which threw its weight behind her campaign but came up short. With midterm elections just around the corner, this result could be a sign of things to come as anti-establishment sentiment continues to grow nationwide.For Chenny this was bigger than just a loss. Let’s call it what it is. Liz Cheney is 100% establishment, and she lost. She lost to a candidate who was endorsed by Donald Trump. Donald Trump is a guy who made it to the top without the establishment’s blessing.Why is this such a big deal to Liz Cheney? Well, it’s because of all the messed-up things she and her family endured to get to the top. Think about all the deals with the devil she made. Think about all the agreements with the devil her father made.And in the end, the Cheney name loses to a candidate who was endorsed by a guy who became president as a joke. How would you feel if the group that backed you destroyed countries, destroyed families, broke laws, and in the end, you still lose?
  • The increasing number of gay love scenes in Hollywood
    There’s been a lot of discussion in the past year about Hollywood, including more gay love stories in new projects. Some say itZ 2’s a requirement, while others think it should be an option for filmmakers. Where do you stand?Actors and filmmakers have been discussing the need for more inclusion of LGBTQIA+ characters in films. Specifically, there seems to be a demand for more gay love stories in Hollywood. This conversation was brought back into the public eye earlier this year when actor Matt Bomer was cast in Sony’s remake of ‘The Last Tycoon’. Outraged comments were left on the official trailer’s YouTube page, with many people arguing that Bomer is straight and therefore wrong for the role (Sony later clarified that Bomer will be playing a gay character).Hollywood seems to be pushing the envelope lately by including gay love relationships in movies and television shows. While this may not be a new phenomenon, it seems to be more prevalent now than ever before.One recent example is the popular show “Breaking Bad,” in which the character Gus is in a gay relationship with another drug dealer. This may come as a shock to some viewers, but it provides an interesting twist to the story.Another example is the movie “Call Me By Your Name,” which tells the story of a young man who falls in love with his professor. The film received critical acclaim for its portrayal of a gay love relationship.It’s clear that Hollywood is starting to recognize that gay love relationships are just as valid as heterosexual relationships. This is a positive step forward, and hopefully, it will lead to more inclusive representation in the entertainment industry.Many argue that including a gay love story is something mandatory in order to reflect society accurately onscreen. After all, there are plenty of straight love stories out there – it only makes sense to tell stories about all kinds of relationships. Others believe that filmmakers should have options when it comes to telling diverse stories – why box themselves in by only having one kind of love story? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!
  • What is happening at Skinwalker Ranch?
    What is happening at Skinwalker Ranch?There is a lot of mystery surrounding Skinwalker Ranch, and for a good reason. The place is home to paranormal activity, including UFOs and portals to other dimensions. Some believe the ranch is a hotbed of supernatural activity, while others claim that the whole thing is nothing more than a hoax. No one can say for sure what goes on at Skinwalker Ranch, but it’s worth keeping an eye on. Who knows what might happen next?I had to get in on the action near Skinwalker Ranch. I camped outside of the ranch. In the area, there are many weird stories. It was around 12:30-1:00 in the morning, and I was still pretty freaked out. So I am all alone in my tent outside of the ranch. I had to let my dog go to the restroom, but I wanted to ensure he stayed close. We went to a thickly wooded area. I know it sounds corny, but I felt so disturbed and unsettled as soon as I got there.When I looked across the way, a few deer were looking at me before running off, which was strange because they never saw me. My dog was reluctant to go to the bathroom, so I bribed him with some treats. When he got done, I immediately noticed how quiet it was. Earlier, there were bug sounds, other nature noises, and all kinds of critters. But at this moment, it was so silent. On returning to my tent, I had to walk near more woods. I started hearing noises in the woods, too quiet to tell what but definitely an abnormal sound.I ignored it and kept walking; it started getting louder until I could vividly hear like a whistled tune. I was scared out of my mind, but from experience with large animals, I knew better than to run. I ended up getting to my tent. I got my gun but got this overwhelming feeling I should get in my car and go. I still can’t shake that disturbing feeling the air had in those woods. I just left and went to a nearby hotel. The next morning in daylight, I returned to get my tent and sleeping bag. My tent was ripped to shreds, and dry deer bones were on my sleeping bag layout on the road. I also felt like something was watching me again. I just left it there and went back to Salt Lake City.This was probably the scariest moment of my life. I felt an unknown creature. That night I was looking for UFOs or a portal. I fell short of UFOs, but the night did not fall short of eventful. After seeing the bones and ripped-up tent, my first instinct entirely caught me off guard, without context for what may have been lurking just beyond. I have catalyzed a feeling deep inside me, a sense of intuition.The Skinwalker Ranch is a place where strange events happen on a regular basis. While some of these events may be attributed to the natural landscape of the ranch, there are many others that remain unexplained. If you’re looking for a place that is sure to provide an adrenaline rush and plenty of spine-chilling moments, then this is it. Are you brave enough to look into Skinwalker Ranch?
  • Home prices are starting to decrease
    According to a recent report, the level of competition among homebuyers has fallen for the second consecutive month and is now at its lowest point since October of last year. The decrease in competition could be good news for those who are currently looking to purchase a home, as it could lead to a more favorable housing market. However, it’s important to note that this trend may not last for long. So if you’re thinking about buying a home, now might be the time to act.Boise, Idaho is the most overpriced city in America and it’s not even close. The homes are 73% above what they should be valued at according to Moody’s ratings which makes this place an attractive destination for tech workers who want their skills monitored by high-paid employers while making enough money that will allow them some cushion against job loss during economic slowdowns or natural disasters like earthquakes etceteraIt’s no surprise that more people are waiting to buy homes as mortgage rates continue climbing. However, this increase in activity could lead to fewer offers being made by potential buyers, which will create even greater competition when looking at the next property on your list!The market is cooling down, but it’s still a good time to buy or sell a home. If you’re thinking of making a move in the near future, contact your local agent and we can help you navigate these changing waters.
  • Why you should date California but never marry it
    There’s no denying that California is one of the most beautiful states in the country. From the sun-drenched beaches of Los Angeles to the towering redwoods of the north, the Golden State has something for everyone. And like all good relationships, dating California is loads of fun. You’ll never find yourself bored, whether you’re hiking in Yosemite or surfing in San Diego.But there is a catch, California is like an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. You can date it, but you would never want to marry it. Why wouldn’t you want to marry it? There are downsides to dating California. For one thing, the state is terrible with money. It’s been mired in debt for years and shows no signs of turning things around. In addition, California is notorious for blaming everyone else for its problems. Whether it’s the federal government or big business, there’s always somebody else to blame.California has long been considered one of the most desirable places to live in the United States. Making it an amazing place to visit. With its mild climate, scenic beauty, and vibrant culture, it’s no wonder that people are drawn to the Golden State. However, California is also one of the most heavily taxed states in the country, and this has led to a mass exodus of residents in recent years. Property taxes are among the highest in the nation, and state income taxes are ridiculous.In addition, sales taxes are high, and gas prices are some of the most expensive in the country. For many people, these factors have become too much to bear, and they have chosen to relocate to other states with more favorable tax climates. As a result, California has lost billions of dollars in revenue, and its once-vibrant economy is now struggling.So it is better to date California, a.k.a. visit the state. You would never want to become a resident. So if you’re considering California, be prepared for some ups and downs. That’s part of the fun.
  • Can the Colorado Avalanche win the Cup in 4 Games?
    The Colorado Avalanche came out flying in the first period last night, jumping out to an early lead. The first period ended 3-1, Tampa Bay simply could not keep up with the pace set by Colorado, and as a result, they found themselves trailing. The Avalanche were constantly putting pressure on the Tampa Bay defense, and their forwards were able to find open space with ease. Tampa Bay goaltender Andrei Vasilevskiy was kept busy all night.It was clear from the start that Colorado’s offense was going to be a challenge for Tampa Bay. The Lightning was immediately on their heels, as the Avalanche put up quick goals in the first period. However, Tampa Bay settled down in the second period and began to take back the game. Thanks to some stellar goaltending by Andrei Vasilevskiy and some timely scoring, the Lightning were able to tie the game and go to overtime.In the end, Tampa Bay’s experience and resolve shone through as they were able to save face in Denver.In any sport, the first game of a playoff series is always crucial. It can set the tone for the rest of the series and often sets the stage for how the rest of the games will play out. For the Colorado Avalanche, their first game against the Edmonton Oilers was a close one. But games two and three were blowouts. Now, as partake on the biggest stage in hockey, there is a chance that they could take the Stanley Cup in four games. If they can replicate their success in games two and three against Edmonton, they will be well on their way to winning the Stanley Cup in four games.The Colorado Avalanche retooled after game one of the conference finals. The move paid off as they ran off with the series and advanced to the Stanley Cup Finals. Now, they face their biggest challenge yet in the form of Tampa Bay goalie Andre Vasilevskiy. Vasilevskiy has been outstanding this postseason. He will be a tough test for the Avalanche, but if they can solve him, they will have a good chance to take home the Stanley Cup.However, it could be a long series if they let Tampa back in. Either way, it should be an exciting series to watch.
  • Speculation that Nancy Pelosi was driving the night of the Paul Pelosi DUI
    There is some speculation that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was actually driving the night her husband, Paul Pelosi, was suspected of DUI. The incident happened on May 29, 2022, when Paul Pelosi was pulled over for speeding in Napa County. According to court records, he allegedly drove with a blood-alcohol level above the legal limit of .08%.Since May, there has been much speculation about the mugshot and other details about the DUI arrest. There are rumors that police report stated that Pelosi had failed a field sobriety test and had exhibited “unsteady and clumsy” behavior. However, many people questioned whether or not the police report was accurate. In addition, many people pointed out that the mugshot did not show any signs of impairment. As a result, there has been much debate about what really happened on the night of the Pelosi arrest.There is also speculation that there is a coverup involved in the situation. There is also some speculation on who was driving the car that night. Many people speculated that it was Nancy Pelosi who was behind the wheel. There were several reasons for this speculation. First, Nancy Pelosi is an experienced politician who knows how to handle difficult situations. Second, Paul Pelosi has less to lose than Nancy Pelosi. Third, there have been reports that Nancy Pelosi has the power to make these situations go away. Fourth, it is also speculated that the Speaker of the House drinks very much during her hectic schedule, and it is possible she was behind the wheel that night because she knew that she could get out of it. While there is no concrete evidence to support these claims, the speculation continues to swirl around the incident.While we may never know for sure who was behind the wheel that night, speculation suggests that it was most likely Nancy Pelosi.
  • Who will win the Cup, Lightning or Avalanche?
    It’s the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and the Tampa Bay Lightning are facing off against the Colorado Avalanche. Game one will begin on Wednesday evening in Colorado. Both teams have had an incredible season, so it’s hard to say who will come out on top.
  • Can Alex Ovechkin catch Wayne Gretzky?
    There’s no question that Alex Ovechkin is one of the greatest goal scorers in the history of hockey. In fact, he’s currently the third leading goal scorer of all time. […]
  • African American community needs to be included in gun control
    In recent years, the debate over gun control has intensified, with many calling for stricter regulations in an effort to reduce gun violence. However, one group that is often left […]
  • Facebook (Meta) got blasted today
    Facebook’s share price has taken a beating today after the company’s earnings failed to meet expectations. The stock dived 26% in response and is now at its lowest point since […]
  • Man Says “Let’s Go Brandon” to Joe Biden on live call
    You had to be there, you know?A man in Oregon must have been feeling pretty good when he took this live-streamed Christmas call from the President of the United States. […]
  • Top Six QBs still Available in the Transfer portal
    Here are some of the top quarterbacks entering the transfer portal: #1 Zach Calzada – Texas A&M > ? YEAR CMP ATT CMP% YDS AVG TD INT QB RTG 2021 […]
  • Arizona Barstool Sports Bowl
    The weenie patrol is up in arms over Barstool Sports again. This time they want college football players or universities to refuse to play or earn any additional money in […]
  • There is a chance Alec Baldwin did it!
    Alec Baldwin is in big trouble. He might have been planning to murder someone after all. On Thursday, Santa Fe police obtained a search warrant for the actor’s phone and […]
  • Man hits baseball into Grand Canyon
    The Grand Canyon is a well-known landmark in the United States, so it’s no surprise that someone would go to such lengths for an adventure. But authorities have been searching […]
  • Ron Jeremy Indicted
    The porn industry is once again in the spotlight for sexual assault allegations, as it was announced this week that Ron Jeremy has been indicted on 21 counts of sexual […]
  • Gun Control!
    Gun control is a significant issue in the United States. Most Americans who oppose the right to bear arms do not know how use hold or clean a firearm. Only […]
  • Nancy Pelosi’s SF Home Vandalized Over Stimulus Checks
    Frustrated vandals spray-painted Nancy Pelosi’s garage door. The vandals also left fake blood and a pig’s head in front of the garage. The message said ″$2K. Cancel Rent. We want […]
  • 2020 is the worst year to be a yuppie
    Americans all over the country are waiting to close the book on 2020. This year has been terrible across the board. But it may be even worse for hipsters and […]
  • NHL New Divisions for the 2020-21 Season
    Here is a look at the new divisional alignment for the NHL season. The season will start on January 13, 2021. North Division: Montreal Canadiens, Calgary Flames, Edmonton Oilers, Ottawa […]
  • Beautiful Views
    The news can get depressing. Nevertheless, these amazing photos should make your day better: Adirondacks, NY Colorado, Mt Evans Mt Rainier Ship Rock, NM Credit to the amazing Reddit posts. […]
  • Broncos use a WR as QB
    The Denver Broncos ended up using a WR as QB for week 12 against the Saints. The Broncos, four quarterbacks, were not eligible to play due to coronavirus protocol. This […]
  • Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr
    Mike Tyson fought Roy Jones Jr in a 16-minute eight-round boxing match. The match was relatively slow, and no eventful punches were thrown. It was amazing to see both men […]
  • Monolith found in Utah
    A metal monolith was found in the Utah desert during a helicopter survey of bighorn sheep. The Division of Wildlife Resources spotted the object on November 18th. The crew landed […]
  • Vegas Golden Knights Reverse Retro Jersey
    Check out the new Vegas Born Reverse Retro jersey. What do fans think about the retro jerseys? Vegas Golden Knights Retro Jersey PR Link  7,993 views
  • NFL expansion team back to Oakland?
    A group of businessmen and investors announced Friday that they have made a $92.5 million bid to purchase the city of Oakland’s stake in the Oakland Coliseum site. The goal […]
  • States Kanye West Got Votes In
    On election night Kanye Received over 60,500 votes. Votes came from Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Kentucky, Minnesota, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah and Vermont. Tennessee: 10,216Minnesota: 7,789Kentucky: 6,259Colorado: 6,254Oklahoma: 5,590Louisiana: 4,894Utah: […]
  • Top Pizza Spots in Denver, CO
    This is a list of the top pizza spots in Denver Colorado. According to sentiment analysis, here is the list of the top 10: Company Locations Contact Delivery Beau Jo’s […]
  • Top 5 Most Expensive Cities in the USA
    1. New York City, New York. New York City leads as the most expensive city in the United States. Expensive neighborhoods include: SoHo, Tribeca, Flatiron District, Midtown Manhattan, Hudson Square, […]
  • What’s in a name. The new Seattle team name.
    What do users think of the Seattle Kraken team name? Fans have waited a long time to find out the new Seattle NHL team name. The team announced the new […]
  • Politics and Sports BIG 10 and Pac 12 Decisions
    If you happen to be a fan of a football team in a conference with a team in California or Illinois, your season is canceled or postponed. The Big Ten […]
  • Zoo Business – ARO Top 15 Zoos In The USA
    1. Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium – Omaha, Nebraska  2. Columbus Zoo and Aquarium – Powell, Ohio  3. The Living Desert – Palm Desert, California  4. McCarthy’s Wildlife Sanctuary […]
  • Top 15 Tallest Mountains in the USA
    (Rank) (Name) (Elevation) (Coordinates) 1 Denali – Alaska 20,310 ft 63.0690°N 151.0063°W 2 Mount Saint Elias – Alaska – 18,009 ft 60.2927°N 140.9307°W 3 Mount Foraker – Alaska – 17,400 […]