The Spurious Theory That Nancy Pelosi’s Husband Was Attacked by His Gay Lover

There is a spurious theory going around that Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul, was attacked by his gay lover. The theory is based on an incorrect news report and a handful of evidence that its proponents have spun wildly out of context. It runs contrary to the explanation police and federal law enforcement has outlined. However there was many holes in the Paul Pelosi DUI. Could this also be happening in this altercation?

So, let’s take a look at this theory and see if there’s any merit to it.

The Origins of the Theory
The theory can be traced back to an early news report about the attack on Paul Pelosi. The report said that the attacker was a man who had been vying for Paul’s affection. He was at the Pelosi home at 2 am with no signs of a break-in. This erroneous report set off a chain reaction among conspiracy theorists who began spinning all sorts of wild theories about what had happened.

Oddly enough, these late-night encounters when Nancy is out of town date back to Paul Pelosi’s DUI. Was Paul having a relationship with a younger man when Nancy was out of town? Did this drive him to drink and drive? Was Paul driving to or from his gay lovers? That would explain why he got a DUI. It would also explain why he was attacked in his own home; perhaps his lover was jealous of Paul’s wife and children.

All we know is the man who attacked Paul Pelosi was able to get into the house very easily. How did he do that? Did Paul let him in? Or did he have a key? The situation aligned more with an abusive lovers quarrel than a violent crime. All of these questions point to a possible love triangle gone wrong.

At this point, we cannot say definitively what happened between Paul Pelosi and his attacker. Law enforcement tells us the evidence suggests that they were not gay lovers, as some news sources have claimed. The Pelosi family does have the pull to influence the reports. Only time will tell what truly happened that fateful night.

Was Nancy Pelosi’s Husband Attacked by His Gay Lover?

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