In 2019, ARO wrote a saga of articles about Bill Cosby. This saga has been proven true today. See how accurate the saga of articles is looking back:

 29 May 2019 – Cosby: Bizarre New Details Emerge

Juror Leaks In Cosby Case

One deliberator in the Bill Cosby court case leaked that coming to a verdict was completely ‘hopeless’ from the beginning, as reported by NBC news. The juror who leaked the information remained anonymous.

The unidentified juror stated in an audio recording on WPXI-TV that, “My personal feeling is whatever the man (Cosby) did, he has already paid his price.. paid, suffered.” The Juror went on to leak more information, claiming ten voted for conviction, while just two voted against conviction(NBC News).

Cosby Giving Sexual Abuse Prevention Speech

Cosby took to the offensive when his spokesman, Andrew Wyatt, announced his client’s intentions to travel the country, educating youth about the dangers sexual assault.

From To Court Trial To The Campaign Trail

TMZ recently reported, “The comedian is planning a series of town halls this summer to educate young people about sexual assault.. More specifically, they say he’s planning on teaching them how to look out for warning signs from potential victims and handle accusations that could follow.”

Plenty Of Prior Experience

Racking up 50 sexual assault allegations over the years, Cosby knows a few things about handling accusations. This leaves many wondering, is this appropriate? Perhaps one day, but Cosby is theoretically still in the legal process. The only comparable event in recent history would be the O.J. Simpson ‘If I did it’ book release.

Bill Cosby Is ‘Done’, But Is He ‘Finished’?

Furthermore, this case continues to parallel the Simpson case in various other ways. Cosby infused a racial element that looms over this case, this tactic has been eerily similar to that of O.J. The prosecution has also fumbled various aspects of the case. Since the inception of the trial, the American Review has been very insistent that Cosby’s full acquittal is imminent.

29 May 2019 – Cosby Giving Sexual Abuse Prevention Speech

Cosby Following The Playbook

In an American Review article released on June 9th, Bill Cosby was said to have a possible route to acquittal. This route centered on a key defense tactic used in many successful, previous sexual assault cases. The two-fold ‘Shield and Attack’ strategy was proposed to give Cosby cover from the press, whether intentional or inadvertently, and attack the credibility of the allegations.

In other cases when the defendant was found guilty, it was found to be due to a lack of attack. Possibly learning from the mistakes of Sandusky, and former sexual assault cases resulting in a conviction, Cosby went on the attack. According to the NY Times, he is now doubling down, and launching a campaign-style town hall talk about sexual abuse prevention. The speech is scheduled prior to his next court date. His spokesman was recently quoted saying, “Mr. Cosby wants to get back to work.” He intends to seek college students, athletes, and young people who party as his target audience.(Per NY TImes)

Political Strategy

It was also reported in the June 13th article, Cosby was mulling a ‘politically infused’ defense strategy. It seems the strategy is quite literal, Cosby is campaigning for his innocence. On his side so far is a mistrial, two members of the jury refused to reach a verdict in the case, per NY Times. Also, Cosby will have a much better chance of a repeal given the mistrial. Cosby will soon appear again in court on charges of sexual assault.

At the time of writing the original report, many didn’t think Cosby would see the day of light. Now he has a platform, and is determined to prove the American Review that he is not ‘Done’, nor will he ever be ‘Finished’.

29 May 2019 – Bill Cosby is ‘Done’, But Is He ‘Finished’?

The White House, perpetually engulfed by American media, and Bill Cosby should be pleased by all the drama circulating Washington.

Bill Cosby appeared in court June 5th for criminal sexual assault allegations. Acquittal appears possible, as speculation builds on a politically infused defense strategy. Surveys show that some approve of the dismissal of charges all together. To really understand the situation, it is important to understand the strategy.

The Flashback-June 11, 2012- Jerry Sandusky’s Criminal Sexual Assault Trial

The Penn State sexual abuse allegations came to a head as the most publicized child molestation case in history. Obama’s failing economic policies, sprinkled with Romney jabs, completed a news cycle, overshadowed by controversy in Happy Valley.

The remnants of a time in America when the president had control over the press. With most outlets avoid negative coverage of the president, Sandusky was the perfect human shield for a man who was up for reelection.

Sandusky was guilty long before the conclusion of his trail. He was convicted by the media. Later, he was proven guilty in a court of law, but extra coverage may suggest racial disparities in the Sandusky case, during Obama’s tenure .

June 5, 2017- Bill Cosby’s Criminal Sexual Assault Trial

Bill Cosby began after 59 sexual assault allegations sprang up in short order. The defendant should be eager to learn from the mistakes of his predecessors. The former Penn State coach’s legal strategy lacked the ‘attack’ of successfully acquitted formerly accused. The template for success in similar situations has been historically two-fold. The strategy: Shield from press, and then attack. Countless times in American history we have seen prominent figures use a similar format.

Examining Potential Defense Strategies

Cosby’s legal team would be privy to examine recent sexual abuse cases to assess historical success (Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Robert Kelly) and failure (Jerry Sandusky, Anthony Wiener, Michael Jackson).

In our current political climate, an African American will tend to avoid media coverage, while a white member of the media, (Bill O’Reilly) is crucified. This pattern has become all too familiar in our society. Whether Cosby orchestrated this tactic, or just merely coincidentally benefits from it remains to be seen. What we do know at this point is that Cosby likely has another facet to his legal agenda.

Phase Two

In a radio interview Cosby presumably directed his own daughter to tell XM host, “Racism has played a big role (in the allegations). The accusations against my father have been one-sided from the beginning. I’ve witnessed my father’s reputation and legendary works be dismissed without any proof.”

After deploring phase one, a man once revered in the African American community for resilience and condemning using racism as a social crutch, turned to racism for his own defense.

Pennsylvania prison system says Bill Cosby has been released after his sexual assault conviction was overturned.