In an article published today in (The Business Insider on Yahoo News), the writer does understand finance. Key points are Donald Trump’s flagship foreign golf resorts posts massive losses every year. He recites that Donald Trump said they are “not really golf investments” but “development deals.”
The writer also claims, “Experts and critics think Trump may have other reasons for keeping them.”

The big point in his article was to show the tax reports. England requires all companies to publish income statements, and the reason why his resorts lost money is because of depreciation expenses. In finance, deprecation is not a loss.

Anyone taking a quick look at the article with any financial background could tell the writer doesn’t understand finance.

The writer of the article looks like an idiot. Without the depreciation expense, Trump made money. It’s usually an intelligent strategy to claim depreciation in real estate for tax deductions. This is what all smart real estate investors like to do.

This isn’t the only time a writer has not understood finance when trying to get on the Anti-Trump Train.

You shouldn’t be allowed to report on business if you don’t know how business works.

Oh wait, this is America; you can sound like an idol and report everything you want. Report on, bro. I’m sure your main demographic of viewers would never even bat an eye.



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