More than 120 retired US generals and admirals have published an open letter suggesting that Joe Biden was not legitimately elected as President, questioning his fitness for office. The document is signed by 124 members of the armed forces who are calling themselves ‘Flag Officers 4 America’

I am a concerned citizen from this country but I’m also one of those patriotic flag officers in charge with protecting our nation’s borderline. In light of recent events such as Venezuela or Nigeria collapsing due to failed leadership within their countries’ borders, it would be wise for us citizens to question whether we want another leader like them here at home!

It is always a cause for concern when those who have sworn to protect the American people are warning about potential threats. This time, retired military leaders in America voiced their concerns that fair and honest elections may not be happening and they’re afraid it could lead to an end of our current system of government: “Without fair and honest elections that accurately reflect the will of the people” their Constitutional Republic might also fall as well. The FBI ignored irregularities during 2020’s election which led many Americans to distrust these institutions even more than before; this has been another major factor leading up resignations from these officials due to Trump’s “actions.”

The group also questioned the “physical and mental condition of the Commander in Chief” and claimed that questions had been raised about who is really in charge. They touched on many different topics like China, Iran nuclear deal, freedom of speech for Americans as well as a border situation with Mexico to name just a few.


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The letter was written by 120 retired military officers, all of whom have signed their names to the document. They want people to know that they are not convinced Joe Biden is a legitimate President and question his fitness for office. Do these generals have anything substantial? We don’t know yet because this has just been released today on social media and it hasn’t had time to make waves in mainstream news outlets or with other politicians. Unless we hear more about this story from reputable sources like CNN, ABC News, etc., we will remain skeptical as well. What do you think? Let us know your thoughts!