The rise of Nazis was inevitable. The seeds for their coming were sown in history, and it is only a matter of time before some other extreme group takes over again.

In German politics, there had been many examples of right-wing groups like anti-Semitism (the belief that Jews are responsible for manipulating society) and extreme patriotism emerging since World War I but none as influential or dangerous as the Nazi Party, which came into power during 1933 Berlin elections after winning more than 37% votes against communists at around 32%. This election signaled how much fear people have towards those who do not act exactly “act normal”.

Groups, like the majority of people in this world who are weak-minded and easily manipulated by others. They present problems that they use as excuses for their agenda – manipulating everyone with an ulterior motive.

Who is the next group, and what tool will be used for manipulation?



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