About American-Review.Org

American-Review.org is a general commentary, sentiment, and review organization.

Mainstream media does not cover what Americans really think. The ARO covers the sentiment of the American people.

ARO believes 100% in free speech and an unbias media. Our user sentiment analysis is one of our tools to determine what the sentiment is on specific topics.

ARO and HPC/ EthoRithm and Beach Automation have developed a program that can determine online user sentiment. This program finds user tweets, videos, posts, and comments to determine actual user sentiment on a subject.

The program can filter online expression to answer questions on any topic. The program can also build rankings on topics based on user sentiment. ARO uses the data to answer questions about hot button news and commentary content.

The reality is, mainstream media does not accurately cover what Americans think. ARO uses data to cover the sentiment of the American people. This sentiment is available to give readers a different opinion on what is going on in America.