Is the vaccination program any different from the cattle vaccination program? Cattle don’t stop to think, why? Cattle have no control, no rights, and no recourse.

Millions of adults are getting vaccinated against Covid-19. The vaccination is less than a year old, and they are blindly getting the vaccination. An untested vaccination could be scary. We don’t know if it will result in cancer down the road.

However, what may be more worrisome is the potential plans for a central database to record the vaccinations. In a time where people are upset we ID voters, they are ok with mandatory vaccination cards?

If the database is built, could we use the records to sue pharmaceutical companies for cancer down the road? Not likely, the databases will most likely be an upgraded ID system for future endeavors.

This seems like a cattle-like phenomenon. The benefits of vaccines seem to be lowering infection rates. However, it also seems like we are also quick to give up freedoms.