• Farmers’ Uprising: A Fight for Fairness and Sustainability
    German and French Farmers’ Protests: A Global Silence Amid Growing Unrest The world is not reporting on this, but the German and French farmers are protesting against their government. They […]
  • Minnesota Somali Problem?
    Minnesota: The Heart of Somali-American Community in the U.S. Minnesota, known for its vibrant cultural diversity, stands out for a unique distinction: it is home to the largest Somali-American population […]
  • The Swirling Mystery: How Wind Patterns Shape Football’s Biggest Games
    The phenomenon of swirling wind in football stadiums is an intriguing topic, often blamed for various on-field performance issues. This article explores this phenomenon with a focus on two examples: the Nebraska Cornhuskers and the Buffalo Bills, particularly considering the impact of wind on their passing games.
  • Beyond the Game: Could Nebraska Hire a Trailblazing Gay Head Coach
    The realm of college football is not just a battleground for athletic prowess; it’s a stage where societal norms are tested, and new narratives are crafted. The Nebraska Cornhuskers, steeped in tradition and history, are on the precipice of an opportunity to lead a cultural shift that echoes far beyond the echoes of Memorial Stadium. It’s time for the Cornhuskers to consider an unprecedented move — bringing on an openly gay head coach. This step is about more than breaking barriers; it’s about embracing leadership, diversity, and a fresh identity in a changing sporting landscape.
  • Chicago: Did Lori Lightfoot’s Failure to Keep Residents Safe Cost Her Re-Election
    Lori Lightfoot, Chicago’s Mayor, lost her bid for re-election, raising the question of whether the increase in crime played a role in her defeat. In 2021, Chicago experienced a population loss of over 45,000 people, and crime is considered a significant factor. The city’s high crime rates have caused residents to leave, making Chicago one of the few big cities to suffer population losses, along with New York and San Francisco. Despite a decrease in murders, Chicago and New York both experienced an overall crime jump of over 20% in 2022.
  • The GOATs Who Let Their Game Do The Talking
    Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, and Wayne Gretzky are names that are synonymous with greatness in their respective sports. They are considered legends not just because of their incredible talents and accomplishments, but also because of the way they carried themselves on and off the field. They never had to proclaim themselves as the greatest; their actions spoke for themselves.
  • Debunking the Myth: Oil is Not Scarce, Industry’s Tactics Exposed
    Oil is a commodity that plays a vital role in our daily lives and is a crucial aspect of our modern world. The oil industry has been at the forefront of public attention due to the recent fluctuations in oil prices and the industry’s efforts to maintain its image. The industry has been making various claims, such as the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the new hurricane season, Iran’s threat, the impact of Nigeria’s cutoffs on supply, the influence of global events, and the market reflecting the prices, among others. However, one of the most concerning claims made by the oil industry is that the world is running out of oil and that shortages are imminent.
  • CU Football might BE BACK!
    In sports news, it is being reported that former NFL Superstar and Hall of Famer Deion Sanders could soon be named the head coach of the Colorado Buffaloes football team. With this potential hire, the university has a chance to reclaim its place in college football history as one of the powerhouses of the game. Let’s take a look at what the future might hold for CU if Deion takes over.
  • There is no place like Nebraska when it comes to coaching drama.
    The University of Nebraska Cornhuskers has been mired in controversy for years. The drama has often been too much for the university’s athletic department, from media fireworks to party houses to domestic violence charges. Now, many are saying that the decision not to give Mickey Joseph the job as head coach was racially driven. Days later, the former interim head coach was charged with domestic assault. Did the coaching decision drive Mickey to violence? At the same time, Former head coach Scott Frost was running an underground student party house where he would have inappropriate encounters with students, but no charges were filed. Let’s take a closer look at this unfolding drama.
  • No Love in Green Bay? Not so fast…
    There was a lot of excitement surrounding the Green Bay Packers’ matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles last week. However, that excitement quickly turned to concern when Aaron Rodgers was injured. Reports indicate that Rodgers suffered a rib injury, and while it’s not yet clear if he will be able to play this weekend, his teammates and fans have already shown their support for the star quarterback.
  • Is it Aaron Rodgers’ Fault the Packers are 3-4?
    It’s hard to believe that Aaron Rodgers, once considered one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, is now struggling to lead his team to victory. The Packers are currently 3-4, and many are wondering if Rodgers is to blame. Is he distracted by off-field issues? Or is it head coach Matt LaFleur’s fault?
  • The Fall of Nebraska Football
    For years, Nebraska was considered one of the top college football programs in the country. The Cornhuskers won five national championships and produced a long line of All-American players. But today, Nebraska is struggling to keep up with the competition. The Huskers regularly lose to Sun Belt teams and are bottom dwellers in the Big 10. The reality is that no one wants to play in Nebraska anymore. Five-star athletes don’t come from Nebraska, and five-star players who come from elsewhere now stay home and play in the SEC. The landscape has changed, and the best school in the Great Plains is now North Dakota State. Nebraska should enjoy the past.
  • Scott Frost, it’s worse than we thought
    Last week, Scott Frost was fired from his position as head coach of the Nebraska football team. In the wake of his firing, many degenerate behaviors have been linked to him, including Alcoholism, sex with students, and party houses. It has been uncovered that he used a party house to conduct many of these activities. Here is a closer look at the downfall of Scott Frost.
  • Is Urban Meyer the Solution to Nebraska Football’s Problems?
    It’s been a tough decade for Nebraska football fans. The Cornhuskers have gone from national powerhouses to also-rans, and their recent struggles suggest that the team will only get worse before it gets better. Enter Urban Meyer. The former Ohio State head coach has recently been linked to the Nebraska job, and many fans are hoping he can bring the glory days back to Lincoln. But is Meyer really the solution to Nebraska’s problems?
  • Wyoming Defeats Tulsa in Double Overtime Thriller
    Wyoming Defeats Tulsa in Double Overtime ThrillerIn a game that featured more than its fair share of twists and turns, the Wyoming Cowboys ultimately came out on top, defeating the Tulsa Golden Hurricanes 40-37 in double overtime.The Cowboys got off to a quick start with the defense scoring in the game’s first minute. After that, the Golden Hurricanes and the Cowboys would trade punches throughout the game. The game stayed tight into halftime.
  • Best place to get a beer before a Twins game
    Our crew was in the Twin Cities to experience the baseball scene. As any true baseball fan knows, a trip to the ballpark isn’t complete without a stop for a […]
  • Aaron Rodgers voted ARO Man of the Year!
    Aaron Rodgers has won the 2021 Man of The Year award. He was competing against Joe Biden and Bill Cosby for this prestigious prize. Aaron Rodgers won the vote with […]
  • Nebraska Cornhuskers Update Logo To Avoid White Supremacy Gesture
    The Nebraska Cornhuskers have made a slight change to their beloved mascot, Herbie Husker. The OK gesture he used for his hand is now replaced with an indicating “No 1” […]
  • Award voter is miffed about Aaron Rodgers.
    First of all, how are these guys even in the same news story? The weenie patrol is out in full force again. This time Chicago award voter is miffed about […]
  • The Kyle Rittenhouse case proves the entire country is sick
    Kyle Rittenhouse just turned 18. He has his entire life ahead of him. He is a young man inexperienced in the world. This young man wanted to make a difference; […]
  • The internet is doing a hit on Aaron Rodgers
    The internet is going after Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers for deciding not to get vaccinated. The backlash on social media has been intense, with many people criticizing him […]
  • Reasons why mosquitos are attracted to certain people.
    Mosquitos are attracted to some people more than others because of chemicals that seep out through sweat, body odor and other secretions. The substances they release into the air include […]
  • Nebraska Fans Stick with Their Team Through Good and Bad
    Nebraska football fans work hard to remind themselves of their school’s success, especially this time of year. They watch YouTube videos of the national championships in man caves up in […]
  • NHL New Divisions for the 2020-21 Season
    Here is a look at the new divisional alignment for the NHL season. The season will start on January 13, 2021. North Division: Montreal Canadiens, Calgary Flames, Edmonton Oilers, Ottawa […]
  • Shattuck St Mary’s All time Line
    The Shattuck St. Mary’s 18U Prep team may be the premier youth hockey team in the country. The all-time roster could potentially skate against any current NHL line. Players not […]
  • Nebraska has lost every game in the Black Shirts
    Scott Frost has wholly failed. Nebraska is considered a losing football team, and winning traditions are now at stake. Scott frost has turned the Nebraska Cornhusker Black Shirts into a […]
  • Chicago Black Hawks Jersey Concept
    We love these NHL jersey concepts so much we decided to post another one. The Chicago Black Hawks jersey is a classic and possibly the best in the NHL. However, […]
  • Nebraska Cornhuskers from Heroes to Zeros
    After today’s 21-13 loss to Northwestern, the Huskers (0-2) can now look within and realize they are bad. Furthermore awful if you compare them to the 1990s Huskers teams. The […]
  • Zoo Business – ARO Top 15 Zoos In The USA
    1. Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium – Omaha, Nebraska  2. Columbus Zoo and Aquarium – Powell, Ohio  3. The Living Desert – Palm Desert, California  4. McCarthy’s Wildlife Sanctuary […]