Recent reports show a rise of individuals crossing the border illegally. President Biden decided to put Vice President Kamala Harris in charge, hoping she would handle it with more urgency and compassion than he did himself. However, her actions have been slow-moving at best as many illegals are taken care of by their families or sponsor them until they can apply for asylum once inside the country. The United States needs someone who is capable enough to take on this issue before it becomes too late!

The Vice President has received some criticism because they are not willing to release any information concerning how much money was spent or where funds went towards immigrant related programs which could help them get settled into their new homes better than what we see today; however, Harris does defend herself by stating that immigrants coming here should be taken as an opportunity rather than something negative since there will always be change no matter what happens in our society

The reality is the United States has been confronted with an unsustainable rush of people attempting to cross our southern border illegally. President Biden put Vice President Kamala Harris in charge of dealing with the crisis but she’s been ignoring it, downplaying its severity and avoiding action. Why is that? Is it because her 2020 Presidential campaign slogan “A New Day” clashes with a tough stance on immigration enforcement? We can’t know for sure what her motives are, but we do know that this issue will not go away until something changes-and soon!



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