You had to be there, you know?
A man in Oregon must have been feeling pretty good when he took this live-streamed Christmas call from the President of the United States. He told Joe Biden what his kids wanted for Christmas on the call. He also said, “let’s go Brandon” which is code for “F Joe Biden.”

The Oregon man basically told the President of the United States to F off on a Christmas call. This is a pretty bold thing to do, but maybe the state of our country merits a wake-up call for the President for everyday people.

Following the call, many news sources were shocked by the event. Some called for this man’s head, and others said this was blasphemy. In a follow-up interview, the Oregon man said that he thinks Joe Biden could do better.

The moral of the story is people need to grow a spine. If some people think you suck at your job, some people will tell you you suck. How is this a shock?



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