Omicron is potentially a marker for what’s coming next: after this comes an era of less severe variants that contribute to a more normalized life. The new coronavirus strain, Omicron, has been found to cause less damage than its predecessors. Studies on mice and hamsters produced milder infections that were limited largely up above: in the nose throat area of your windpipe (trachea). This variant did much less harm overall when compared with previous virus types, which could result in scarring or severe difficulty breathing at worst cases.

Additionally, the death rate is almost nonexistent with Omicron. If this is an indicator of future virus behavior, one can anticipate more cold-like symptoms going forward.

The virus can spread very fast which would make it dominate the circulating version of this disease in our country’s population centers. The conclusion is that although there are still high case case numbers being reported from around America – the virus could contribute to herd immunity.

This turn in the COVID virus potentially spells the end of the pandemic and the return of normalcy. If this is the end of the severe version of COVID-19, It may be time for some Americans to stop being mesmerized by mainstream media. Some Americans may look back at the last two years and realize they were pushovers.

Will Omicron be the end of COVID pandemic regulations?



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