Antonio Brown walked off the field in a manner not suited for someone of his high standards, but he has redeemed himself by calling out Tom Brady. Now we all want to know what made him do it?

Antonio “situational” Brown took an unexpected turn when he marched off the field thru the endzone with his gear off. He promptly stripped down to his pants before storming off-camera with a severe facial expression while holding up two fingers.

That was as of this weekend. Now Antonio Brown is blaming Bruce Arians, Tom Brady, and Brady’s fitness guru. We are unsure how Brown’s behavior has anything to do with any of these people.

Brown claims, “It’s not my fault,” said Brown. “I was just following orders from Bruce Arians and Tom Brady.”
The blame game has started again, but this time it doesn’t look like he’ll get away with anything because there are plenty of people who can attest that they’ve seen the famous receiver act worse than this.

What does this have to do with Browns Behavior?
From Browns TikTok Account
Antonio Brown
Antonio Brown



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