First of all, how are these guys even in the same news story? The weenie patrol is out in full force again. This time Chicago award voter is miffed about Aaron Rodgers. Hub Arkush says he will not vote for Aaron Rodgers because he is not vaccinated. The Illinois resident admitted that he would not be voting for Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers because of lackadaisical behavior in the vaccines.

When questioned, Hub said Aaron Rodgers is “the biggest jerk in the league.” This comment makes it very clear that Hub Arkush is part of the weenie patrol. Aaron Rodgers, later on, disputed that if the award is about being vaccinated maybe, they should call it “the most vaccinated award.”

This entire situation calls to question the MVP voters merits. What value or worth is the opinion from guys who think the on-field play has to do with vaccination status? The Green Bay Packers are currently 1st in the NFC North, an absolute freight train of a team. Aaron Rodgers powers that freight train. By the way, Aaron Rodgers now also has one of the highest-selling jerseys in the NFL. (sounds like fans don’t think the same as the weenie patrol)

So, how are guys like Hub Arkush qualified to vote on the MVP? Do they understand the game of football? And lastly, what happened to their man cards? That is, if they ever received them.



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