This is a blatant admission that Joe Biden doesn’t care about the rights of people. He’s, or his handlers are more interested in power and control over other human beings. It should concern all Americans when our president says, “its not about freedom” because what does that say about his intentions for us?

As the saying goes, “those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Americans need to realize this and think twice about what they are giving up. There is a lack of knowledge on how much surveillance affects our lives today. The average citizen doesn’t know that their information can be sold or given away without consent because there are no laws in place protecting them. They also don’t understand how much their data has been compromised by government officials– even if they never committed a crime nor were suspected of one. If you’re not an American, then consider these words as well; your country may soon follow suit with America’s digital security measures unless citizens speak out against them now. What do you think?

We are being told that we have to comply with these mandates. There is no way out of them, which means the government has control over us and our well-being. Ultimately, this will limit our freedom as people in a democratic society where everyone should be equal under the law.

The next time you are tempted to give away your personal liberties, ask yourself if this is a freedom that you can live without tomorrow. If it’s not essential liberty for your life or the future of society at large, then think twice about giving it up today. Don’t think like a sheep. We need to slow down the power grab that is happening with the pandemic and take our time making decisions on what freedoms we should be sacrificing now in order to secure them later. Which one of these are you willing to trade?



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