Picasso, van Gogh, and Hunter Biden share the same passion for painting. Their styles are entirely different, but their work sells like hotcakes because they’re on such an elite level that even paintings by Picassos fetch astronomical amounts of money! Some of Biden’s works of art go for over $500,000 and offer the buyers total anonymity.

Hunter Biden, the son of president Joe Biden and attorney Mrs. Jill Biden has grown up in an exciting but confusing life where he’s had many opportunities for success. There’s a lot of mystery surrounding Hunter Biden, starting with the fact that he shares some unique traits with great artists.

Growing up in an environment where the privilege was at every turn can’t have been easy for him. Still, it seems like exposure to drugs and prostitutes has only served as inspiration rather than a hindrance – not surprising considering all these great artists had their share too. The smoking of crack may be a significant inspiration for Biden as an artist on his road to redemption.

Hunter Biden’s creativity and hustle are on pace to make him one of the highest-grossing artists in current times, but it’ll be hard for anyone who isn’t from a privileged background – like he has been since birth (as part of an elite class).

Hunter Biden is a powerful young man with an incredible mind, and his work can be found in the White House. Where will his art go next? A lot can change over time so let’s see how things go.

His art looks like a crack smoking experience. Biden captures the moment well.