Bill Gates has a fascinating and insightful message in his interview. He says that Jeffry Epstein is dead, so you need to be careful. This situation with him being dead means other power-hungry people are still alive and want control over who can speak out.

The world’s richest man Bill Gate’s comments about recently deceased financier Jeffrey Epstein resonated deeply within our society especially following pedophile rings such as PizzaGate. Many high-profile individuals have been involved in Epstein Island.

Bill Gates states he stopped meeting with Epstein when meetings did not go his way. This contradicts the flight book and other notes about meetings between him and entities such as Epstein.

In the interview, Bill Gates is so nervous that his body language betrays him. His hands are shaking and he’s sweating profusely, all signs of the stress one faces when speaking about Epstein. In the interview, Bill Gates also tries to show some Walter White-like defiance, when speaking about Epsteins death.

A few years ago, when Bill Gates was still on his godlike rise as one of the richest men alive (even richer than Steve Jobs), there were reports surfacing from around Portland Oregon – then home turf to Microsoft headquarters—that he had been spotted downing food MGM style: eating live oysters right off their shells. Is this behavior related?

One thing is for sure, Bill Gates’ behavior has been questionable. Bill Gates will be remembered as one of the most important innovators in American history. He was a pioneer when it came to technology, and he has made an incredible impact on society because of this. But what does his behavior say about him? Is there something more going on inside his mind than we know? Maybe not…maybe so…. Either way, let’s look at some other things that make us wonder if Bill Gate is hiding something. What do you think–is Bill Gates autistic-like or just weirdly genius-like quirky? Or does he know more about Jeffrey Epsteins death?