The 2020 Presidential Election is far from over. Here is where the map currently stands. This map is what experts deciphered is the realistic status at this current time for the 2020 election. Biden is officially at 227 electoral votes, and Trump is at 215 electoral votes. Some news sources give Biden anywhere from 246-290 electoral votes.

In more extreme cases, some mainstream media sources have declared Biden, the election winner. The associated press has also announced Biden the winner prompting the Biden administration to declare victory prematurely. On the other end of the ticket, the trump administration has not conceded yet.

This is a bit disturbing because it is well known the 2000 Election wasn’t decided Until December 12th. The 2000 election went all the way to the Supreme Court and ended up naming Bush the victor a full five weeks after Election Day.

However, most Democrats may be jumping the gun and declaring victory early. Meanwhile, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has repeatedly sidestepped questions about President Trump’s election fraud claims. Most republicans are waiting for the process to payout before making any comments. It is also the majority of representatives who agree “every legal vote should be counted.”

President Trump and his allies have pledged to intensify legal efforts this week to contest illegal votes in the election. It is unknown if any of the lawsuits filed will produce any change in any of the contested swing states. To make any real push, Trump would need sweeping legal victories in Georgia, Pennsylvania and will need to flip Arizona.

As of now, Joe Biden is the president-elect, according to the Associated Press. But, this election is currently far from over.



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