2020 Election Fraud

Mainstream media has pushed ahead this weekend, naming Joe Biden as the election winner. However, they fail to admit that this is only a projection and is not the official results. The truth is the results are far from final.

Currently, Georgia is headed for a recount, where a possibility of improperly harvested could be a reality. There were also instances of irregularities in Pennsylvania, including election officials preventing observers from having meaningful access to voting counting locations.

Reports of evidence of fraud have started coming in. The evidence will start appearing in court, and investigations on fraud in over ten different states has commenced. Rudy Giuliani claims there is strong evidence. (see in below video)

video by Fox

Nevada is also a contested state where thousands of improperly cast mail ballots could have occurred. Finally, Arizona’s count is not complete, and there is still an opportunity for President Trump to win the state outright.

Mainstream media has already started celebrating, but the truth is the election is far from over. Mainstream media could be right, and the early celebration could be warranted. But, officially, the election is still far from over.

Election Not Over
2020 election is not over yet.