If Trump loses the 2020 election, would he run in 2024?

While the 2020 election continues to sort itself out, the Trump team holds its firm election fraud stance. The Trump administration shows no intention to concede the election until the investigation is finished.

The question that some people may be pondering is, “if trump loses the 2020 election, would he run in 2024?” Donald Trump in politics has been more than just a candidate. Trump has become a movement, and he may owe it to the nearly 71 million people who voted for him in 2020.

Looking ahead, if four years of Biden does not meet democratic voter expectations, it could result in a catastrophe. Potentially, four years from now, Trump may be a “Force to be reckoned with.” Trump will be the same age as Joe Biden is now, so a 78-year-old president is not too old by any means.

A lot can happen in four years, but one outcome could be the Trump base could mature into a much more robust population. As it stands, Trump’s 71,635,654 votes were the second-highest popular vote total in history.

Add in the asterisk the 2020 election is sure to place on the Biden potential win. The Trump Populus will feel more than disenfranchised. With Trump on the sideline, he will be doing nothing but promoting the 2024 election. Trump, without presidential day to day tasks, could be deadly like in 2016.

If a Biden presidency frustrates the population, especially the American working class, we could see the most massive reversal in presidential history four years later. If Biden wins the presidency, it is fair to say we have not seen the end of Donald Trump.



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