UN Zero to Hero

After today’s 21-13 loss to Northwestern, the Huskers (0-2) can now look within and realize they are bad. Furthermore awful if you compare them to the 1990s Huskers teams. The 90s Huskers were dominant with Tom Osborne, who established himself as one of the best coaches in college football history. The teams I-form offense and revolutionary strength, conditioning, and nutrition programs resulted in national championship success.

The current 2020 Huskers team used two quarterbacks and reached Wildcat territory on eight different drives to blunder most opportunity. Even two Northwestern pass interference penalties on the Huskers’ second-to-last drive, which set up Nebraska inside the Wildcat five-yard line, could not set up success.

If the 1990s Nebraska Cornhuskers could look at the current team, they would not be able to comprehend the level of failure. The Nebraska Cornhuskers once arguably the most dominant college football team of all time.

Now, most arguably one of the worst power five football teams in the nation.

It would be one thing if it were a one-year fluke, but it has now been long enough to be the program’s true identity. The team has now been a poor football team almost as long as the Tom Osborne glory days.

Making things worse, the “coming home” of Scott Frost has been a failure to link two generations of Husker fans. The once superstar QB has failed to beat the Mike Riley best 9-4 record.

The only good news is the new generation of Husker fans will accept the level of failure. They will not know the glory days, making mediocracy a winning season for the younger fans.