Get your name on a racecar

Ever wonder what it would be like to sponsor a race team? Now is your chance! Get your logo, name, or brand on a racecar!

HPC will put your logo or name on a racecar. High Planes Company has an array of sponsorship packages for the general public.

Depending on the package will provide photos or both photos and videos. More in-depth packages could include on-site race day perks. This is a great source of social media content. Depending on the program, you can sponsor a car for an entire season or just a few races.

Packages range from iRacing car sponsorship to NASCAR with various levels, from street stocks to trucks to super late models.

For our premium packages will put your logo on a real-life race car. All photos and videos will be sent over. (logo must not violate any of the racing league rules)

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