Don’t get me wrong, as of now, Elon Musk has been incredible. He has provided solutions for many of the earth’s problems. He has been able to stand up to politicians and other influential people. He has been a strong advocate for free speech, and that’s why many people want him to take over Twitter.

If Elon Musk takes over Twitter, many people hope it will become a neutral platform. Many people hope that everyone can equally share and be informed from unbiased sources. But what if this isn’t what would end up happening?

To be the devil’s advocate, what if Elon Musk abuses the power of Twitter just like the current handlers? What if Elon’s capability to use and transform Twitter is more sinister than we can comprehend?

Twitter is a vast database where individuals can share ideas. What if giving Elon Musk’s diabolical plan was to get support from the masses under the cloak of free speech to access this database? What if he uses this database to gain access to human data? Why would this be a bad thing?

Well, it may not be, but it could also be a horrible thing, and the writing may already be on the wall.

Take a look at one of his recent Tweets where he posted about “authenticating all real humans.” This could be the rabbit hole that leads to more violations of human rights down the road.

How could this be a wrong rabbit hole, you ask? Well, this authentication could involve biometrics. This type of authentication could lead to the mesh of physical / DNA verifications and our social data. This hybrid of technology and physical human confirmation could potentially lead to invasive rights violations.

There are so many negative routes that this data mesh could emerge with. You can also note that Elon Musk founded Neuralink. Neuralink is a company that has been working on developing implantable brain-machine interfaces to help paralyzed patients or those who have Alzheimer’s disease. This cutting-edge technology also has the potential to integrate the human mind with a machine.

This hybrid of data and technology could also transform into social credit structures. If you have seen the Black Mirror episode about social credit, you could imagine how this could spiral out of control.

Lastly, and this is where we could lose some people, but this situation could lead to biblical revelations or the end of humanity. From a biblical standpoint, what if Elon Musk is the antichrist? In the Bible, it is told people support the anti-christ until it’s too late. Would the take over of the Twitter database be the moment it’s too late?

Another thought is this is our path to simulation. Maybe Elon Musk is right about simulation because we are in the simulation, and humanity made the mistake of trusting and integrating with AI. Maybe the Twitter database and Elon Musk will send us into our final integration with AI.

Or maybe Elon Musk will just fix free speech. This is why it’s fun to play devil’s advocate.



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