Check out the unbelievable base running sequence by Javier Báez. This is insane. Báez grounds one to the Pirate’s third basemen. The third baseman throws the ball short to the first basemen, so Báez decides to turn back towards home. At the same time, the first basemen is running down Baez, the runner at third sneaks in to score.

Once the first baseman realizes this is happening, he throws home. This action lets Javier Báez run back to first. The catcher does not get the tag in on time on the runner coming home, so he has to turn around and throw back to first.

This time there is no one covering first base. The throw misses the covering player, and Báez can proceed to second base. The result is Javier Báez converts what should be a routine play where he is thrown out at first base into an error double with a run scored. This is unbelievable baserunning and terrible fielding by the Pirates.



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