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When Elon Musk offered to buy Twitter, he was not only a free speech absolutist but also the founder and CEO of Tesla. However, the world did not at first realize what Elon Musks’ objective was. Once Elon declined to join the Twitter board when offered and made his intentions clear, he wanted to buy out Twitter.

The Twitter board next scrambled and developed a poison pill to stop Elon from the buyout. Twitter also said his offer was too low. The funny thing is this poison pill contradicts the entire argument that Musk’s offer was too low. This poison pill may show the investors and the world Twitter has no intention of making shareholders money.

The reality is a public company’s main objective is to make its shareholders money. And sorry, the poison pill situation is not in the best interest of a public company.

So what is Elon Musks anti-poison pill move? Well, it seems more symbolic than anything. Our speculation is plan B is to expose the situation and possibly the entire system. This situation reveals the news, the SEC, Twitter, and big bank’s true intentions.

At the same time, Elon Musk may also be cooking up a business strategy along with this exposure. This entire situation seems like some legal battles are coming down the road.

Elon vs Twitter



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