Congresswoman Nanci Pelosi, longtime Speaker of the House, said that lawmakers should be allowed to trade stocks while they’re on Capitol Hill’s dime. But doesn’t she make an awful lot of money from her investments?

Also, Nancy’s husband has been noted making 5.3 million dollar timely bets by buying stock in companies like Facebook.”
So if government employees are investing in companies and buying their stocks, why shouldn’t they be able to sell these investments? There’s no unfairness here, right? We should just consider this a right of passage!
With recent news stories about insider trading, some people are wondering if lawmakers could be doing it too.

It’s becoming more and more common for lawmakers to engage in insider trading as well. It is speculated that there are many other examples where government insiders were able to make big gains. However, it’s not always easy to identify due to brokerage firms’ policies against sharing client trades.

This topic is a completely gray area.



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