The weenie patrol is up in arms over Barstool Sports again. This time they want college football players or universities to refuse to play or earn any additional money in the Arizona Barstool Sports Bowl. It has been reported that the network’s president Dave Portnoy makes off-the-cuff comments and also has a hit piece story out about him. So it’s pretty clear a negative stereotype is running around for those communities.

Who are the weenies? It’s probably university professors, big media, Californians, and ESPN, to name a few. These are the groups that are the easiest to influence. It’s pretty easy for some progressive news sources to put out some stories and influence their progressive audiences. The reality is Barstool sports is getting way too popular way too quickly. The content is entertaining compared to ESPN.

So when Barstool gets the opportunity to run a college football game on their site, of course, people are going to take shots at it. The shots are coming from the weenie patrol because they have been told to make a stink. The reality is we are talking about college football, schools, and tradition.

These kids just want to play football. The schools want to make money, and unless it’s a California school, they don’t care about the weenie patrol. Barstool Sports has good products, and the rest will work its self out.



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