King Théoden from Lord of the Rings and President Joe Biden have a lot in common.

King Théoden, the king of Rohan, ended up getting brainwashed by Saruman the White and fell under his control. Théoden unintentionally allowed orcs to roam freely through their land, which killed everything. Rohan became an absolute disaster. Fortunately, Gandolf undid the brainwashing, and Théoden recovered.

This situation seems eerily similar to what is going on in the White House today. President Joe Biden reminded the public of Théoden from Lord Of The Rings in what seems to be a brainwashed state. The Biden administration seems to be leading the country astray. Inflation is at an astronomical rate, people are being forced into unemployment, the supply chain is at a standstill, and the US borders are being infiltrated. Americans are worried about starving when they see shelves in grocery stores empty.

In this state, the media is not even able to protect Biden, while his administration is crumbling. 55% of Americans say that the country has gone off track, and nobody’s confused about whose fault this all is anymore- it can be found in polls from ABC News or other reputable sources who report on public opinion regularly.

When will someone like Gandolf undo Biden’s brainwashing?
As I write this, many people still believe that Joe Biden was an honest man. When will we get this man back?



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