Biden wants to give the IRS power so they can look through your bank account whenever they would like.

This is Under the disguise of an American Families Plan, Biden is trying to allow IRS agents access into your bank account at any time. He believes this will help expand benefits and grow the middle class. The plan includes a lot that makes sense for both sides of politics: no matter what party you’re in support for it should be high up on everyone’s list.

In an unprecedented invasion of privacy, the Biden administration is proposing requiring financial institutions report to the IRS all transactions of all business and personal accounts worth more than $600. This move would require 21 million businesses and 21 million individuals with financial assets exceeding this value to submit a detailed statement about every single transaction over a 12-month period. The amount of information that will be collected by bureaucrats under these new reporting requirements could potentially violate taxpayers’ right for privacy in their own finances if exposed outside government control or leaked into public records without authorization from Congress itself.
In order to knock down this intrusive proposal, please send your representative and senators immediately thanks so much for taking time out!


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