It appears that French police are modeling their uniforms after those of Nazi Germany, while also performing random searches to ensure safety in public places.


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Officers of the French Army are searching and pursuing citizens who do not have vaccination documentation.

The government’s plan to encourage more people to get a COVID-19 vaccine shot has faced opposition due the requirement for citizens to show proof of vaccination. Some feel this is similar in nature and intention as boarding an airplane or entering a building: it seems like too much, especially when we remember that vaccines were not widely used until after World War II when Nazi Germany began killing millions with poison gas because they could prove their victims didn’t have certain illnesses through documentation such as medical records.

When it comes to random searches and requiring citizens to provide information, this can seem like a major violation of rights. However, if we think about the problem in another way – that these are stepping stones towards something much more ominous – then there is no reason for alarmism or worry.

The most odd part of the vaccination push is that police are wearing red Nazi like arm bands. It appears they are trying to remind people about what happened in Nazi Germany when doctors were working with government officials to vaccinate Jewish children for “safety.” These armbands seem like a way of saying, “We’ll do this whether you consent or not because it’s for your own good.” What does this say about our society? How did we get here?