The coronavirus pandemic is lasting longer than expected. The current pandemic is lasting longer because there are several factors. One of the biggest reasons could be power and money.

The COVID-19 pandemic will likely not end because governments are using it as a power grab. Governments have been accused of trying to use the crisis for political gain by many different anti-government organizations and groups, who say that various government officials have used the spread of this disease in order to create more control over their citizens’ lives.


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The coronavirus pandemic continues to be a threat around the world as cases continue to increase despite research efforts attempting to find new treatments or preventions.

Governments and corporations are using the COVID-19 pandemic as a power grab to take away rights from people. They are restricting citizens by taking away their privacy, freedom of speech, basic human needs such as food or water if they can’t afford it, etc. The best way to stop this is for governments to work together in good faith with other countries that have been affected by COVID-19 so we can find more solutions instead. You can make a difference today just by telling your state representative how you feel about new restrictions placed on people who live near hot zones. What precautions do you think should be taken?