Ever since humans became self-aware, they have been a busy little species. The discovery of agriculture initiated a population explosion and soon the world was full of humans, fighting for resources. As time progressed with humanity evolving new means for creating food and energy on Earth, it seemed as if we would never find another planet to inhabit. With only one planet in our solar system that could support life outside Earth’s atmosphere, there simply wasn’t room for anyone else– until now.

In recent years NASA has discovered several planets that are not too different from ours: they orbit around suns similar to ours (or at least close enough), their atmospheric compositions seem relatively stable so their inhabitants wouldn’t suffocate before reaching the surface.

Along with the discovery of planets we know life could thrive, we are also getting reports of UFO activity. This UFO activity has been disclosed from military branches. With all this info the new question is “Why are the UFO’s not communicating with us?”


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Many people believe that UFOs are not communicating with us because we have no value. The only thing we can find is speculation and views from scientists, but there is nothing concrete to back it up as a fact whatsoever.

One possibility is they are not from Earth, but they don’t have any desire to interfere with the development of civilization. They only want to study it- by its own terms without interfering in our affairs. Without us ever knowing who we were interacting with all this time or what their motivations actually are for sticking around as long as they did before making themselves known, these aliens keep an eye on everything that happens and never make a move.

Another possibility is the aliens are not anything like us, and we’re just a sort of experiment or study program to see what an emergent phenomena like life is in the lower (to them) third dimension. The 3 dimensional material world that humans live on consists mostly of illusionary matter which can be manipulated by thought at will; there’s no need for breathing air because our bodies absorb all they need from photons and solar radiation.

There is no conclusive answer as to why the UFO’s are not communicating with us. This has been a mystery for decades and it seems unlikely that we will have any definitive answers anytime soon. The best bet may be to wait until they make contact, but in truth there is no telling when or if this will happen. Whatever the reason, I guess we will have to wait.