Nebraska football fans work hard to remind themselves of their school’s success, especially this time of year. They watch YouTube videos of the national championships in man caves up in their basement for good luck. They watch Tommy Frazier highlight videos and the “Im coming Home” Scott Frost video until they are too drunk to stand upright. When Nebraska wins another game or gets a new player, they post and reshare on Facebook until the likes stop.

Memories of the 90s fuel Husker pride. But how do they stack up against reality? Do these memories have a powerful enough effect to withstand doom, or is it simply another sign that we await what may be an inevitable fate; one which has been seen in other schools with similar traditions and can only mean more success for Nebraska’s football program?

I know you are not a football fanatic, but I am, and this is heartbreaking. Nebraska has been the talk of college football for years because they lost their quarterback to transfer before the season started. They had such high expectations after stealing Scott Frost from UCF where he won 13 games in a season as head coach there.

Nebraska’s football team has had a rough couple of seasons, but the school with an unmatched love for their Huskers is still there to cheer them on. Nebraska fans are known as being some of the most loyal and dedicated around; these people have been cheering not just since this past season, but from back in 1869 when they were founded!

The team should see improvement, but as of August 2021, it seems like sub .500 football will live forever – meaning you need to place your faith somewhere good if you want those future games to go well too. You could keep up hope by watching reruns of games at Memorial Stadium so that someday soon, we’ll all see a big red win again!

We all cant wait to say, “Nebraska football is back!” The Huskers are a sub .500 team. This means that it’s time to face the question on every Nebraska fan’s mind – will we still love them when they suck? It seems like a strange question, but many diehard fans of other teams in college athletics know what this feels like. Will our devotion falter if the team doesn’t make it into the Big 10 Championship game? What about winning a game against a ranked team before Scott Frost gets fired? When should I stop loving my favorite team? We can debate these questions all day long, but one thing remains certain; there isn’t an unmatched love among supporters.



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