Here is the breakdown going into the last week of the NFL season.

1. Chiefs14-1KC has clinched home-field advantage.
2. Bills12-3Buffalo has clinched the AFC East, has head-to-head tiebreaker over Steelers.
3. Steelers12-3Clinched AFC North.
4. Titans10-5Has the division record tiebreaker over Indianapolis.
5. Dolphins10-5Have the tiebreaker advantage over the other 10-5 teams.
6. Ravens10-5Hold tiebreaker over Browns and Colts.
7. Browns10-5Still have a chance.
8. Colts10-5Still a chance but lose most tiebreakers.

1. Packers12-3Likley to have home-field advantage.
2. Saints11-4Clinched NFC South.
3. Seahawks11-4Clinched NFC West.
4. Washington6-9Lead NFC East with a losing record.
5. Buccaneers10-5Clinched wild card berth.
6. Rams9-6Leading the three-team race for two wild-card berths.
7. Bears8-7Owns the tiebreaker over Arizona.
8. Cardinals8-7Need to beat the Rams and have the Bears lose to get in.

The #8 teams will not make playoffs unless a change occurs.


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