The news can get depressing. Nevertheless, these amazing photos should make your day better:

Heyyy! Dan Stein here — Milky Way, nightscape, and astro connoisseur, outdoor enthusiast, and lover of our planet together with space! — AMA!! — Milky Way from the Adirondacks, NY [OC][1365×2048] from r/EarthPorn

Adirondacks, NY

The most insane sunset I’ve seen in Colorado, Mt Evans. [OC] [1280×1600] from r/EarthPorn

Colorado, Mt Evans

First kiss of sun on Mt Rainier one summer morning [OC][1600×1921] from r/EarthPorn

Mt Rainier

Like visiting another planet. Ship Rock, NM [4262X5367] [OC] IG: @kevinapereira from r/EarthPorn

Ship Rock, NM

Credit to the amazing Reddit posts.