2020 is the worst year to be a Yuppie

Americans all over the country are waiting to close the book on 2020. This year has been terrible across the board. But it may be even worse for hipsters and yuppies. Urban dwelling hipsters tend to live in large cities at swanky digs. These downtown apartments rent for $1,500 or more for a one-bedroom spot.

The trendies like to enjoy trendy bars, restaurants, public transportation, and concert venues. The ability to wake up, get in the elevator, and walk to a Starbucks for breakfast is the perfect start to a day. The perfect evening would be a drink with friends at your favorite trendy bar or restaurant.

Unfortunately, this lifestyle has been critically hampered in 2020. The majority of bars have been closed. Public spaces in downtown areas have become more dangerous in 2020 due to covid and riots. Some yuppies who started renting in downtown areas could only live the hipster lifestyle for the first three months in 2020.

For example, in Seattle, you might have seen over 600 of the once trendy bars and restaurants close. Businesses who have counted on the trendy crowd are suffering because of restrictions or lack of foot traffic. If the business has not officially closed down, it could be temporarily closed or operating at a limited capacity depending on the state. The majority of concert venues have shut down due to COVID-19.

2020 has been infuriating for hipsters and yuppies who have paid rent beyond their means to be in town’s hot locations. 2021 can’t come soon enough, and everyone hopes that we see a better year.