COVID Safe Restaurant design

A company is disrupting the restaurant industry with a COVID-19 safe dining design. The idea is to use pods and secure airflow to make the restaurant experience safer. A safe experience will benefit the health of the restaurant industry as well as individuals.

Companies and the United States need to get smart; they do not need to shut down. Governments that force businesses to shut down due to COVID-19 aren’t thinking long term nor along the lines of sustainability. It’s time to think outside of the box and research and innovate.

One design and structure solution may have just arrived in the restaurant industry. The COVID-19 era is most likely here to stay, and even if the vaccine is 100% successful, we will still need to be ready for future pandemics.

This is where High Planes Company has come in to consult and design a solution for the restaurant business. Restructuring and redesigning may be the only way to make the dining industry sustainable and safer.

HPC laid out a concept that can be scaled to any needed seating capacity. The idea utilizes “dining pods.” The dining pods would provide a safe and contained environment for each diner or group. The design would limit passing exposure for front line staff as well as guests.

Customers would be able to enter the pod without congregating in the main part of the restaurant. (design pictured from above)

To make the idea even more efficient, HPC has partnered with air treatment experts to design an optimal airflow system in the pods and the restaurant staff to ensure the least amount of air mix between enclosures.

Currently, HPC is working with contractors in multiple states to restructure select restaurants with the COVID-19 safe dining design. Some local governments are looking into this design, and it is speculated the system could become a mandatory element in future dining experiences.