Barack Obama’s book is coming out today. The book tells his improbable life with insights on him as a young man searching for his identity. The tale tells of his education, before the presidency, time as the leader of the free world, and other defining moments. Possibly the most press-worthy details coming from the book are his quotes about Vladimir Putin. 

The book possibly hints at a vendetta between Obama and Putin. This theory may be coming from rumors of Putin pulling Obama’s tie when the two met.

Barack Obama on Vladimir Putin, “Vladimir Putin reminds him of the tough, street-smart ward bosses who used to run the Chicago machine,” Obama also was quoted saying, “Physically, he was unremarkable.”

The photo in question shows aggressively grabbing President Obama by the tie and pulling him close. Many speculate Putin did not respect Obama and saw him as “weak” when it came to dealing with Russia. Since this alleged incident, Obama has publicly been vocal on how the United States needs to be harder on Russia.

Later on, debunked the image saying the photo was possibly digitally manipulated. While many critics still state this photo is authentic.

The book (A Promised Land) is currently out. Regardless, many followers want to read the book, notably because of Obama’s comments on Putin.

Snopes on the Obama Putin tie incident.



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