Citizens are becoming concerned with Coronavirus related laws. Numerous measures limit personal freedom and violate rights. Places like Italy enforce a complete lockdown with criminal penalties. However, Denmark’s proposed ‘epidemic law’ goes as far as allowing “forced vaccinations.” 

The new ‘epidemic law’ would replace an emergency law passed in the spring, which gave the government extended powers and the ability to intervene in society to fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

Citizens and Medics have voiced concern that the proposed law will oversupply the government with too much power over healthcare. Many are concerned this abuse of power will spread much farther than protecting the public from pandemics.

The areas of concern include:

  • People infected with dangerous diseases can be forcibly given a medical examination, hospitalized, treated, and placed in isolation.
  • The Danish Health Authority would be able to define groups of people who must be vaccinated in order to contain and eliminate a dangerous disease.
  • People who refuse the above can – in some situations – be coerced through physical detainment, with police allowed to assist.

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