Election RED and BLUE NHL Divisions Map

Since its election season, we thought it would be fun to see how NHL division alignment would look if split up by RED and BLUE States.

(Map based on 2020 Presidential Election)

Here is what the National Hockey league if it used the electoral college to set up divisions and conferences:

Biden DivisionContested DivisionTrump DivisionCanada Division
 Anaheim Ducks Arizona Coyotes Carolina Hurricanes Calgary Flames
 Boston Bruins Detroit Red Wings Columbus Blue Jackets Edmonton Oilers
 Buffalo Sabres Philadelphia Flyers Dallas Stars Montreal Canadiens
 Chicago Blackhawks Pittsburgh Penguins Florida Panthers Ottawa Senators
 Colorado Avalanche Vegas Golden Knights Nashville Predators Toronto Maple Leafs
 Los Angeles Kings St. Louis Blues Vancouver Canucks
 Minnesota Wild Tampa Bay Lightning Winnipeg Jets
 New Jersey Devils
 New York Islanders
 New York Rangers
 San Jose Sharks
 Washington Capitals
*If the NHL was split up by RED & BLUE states, it would be split up between 4 divisions: Biden, Trump, Contested, and Canada Divisions.