Josh Allen vs Carson Wentz

Carson Wentz and Josh Allen are both large dual-threat quarterbacks. Both have a cannon for an arm. So let’s compare and review both QBs.

(Right side roll out Allen vs Wentz)

Both Josh Allen and Carson Wentz are very efficient and deadly with play-action and rollout plays. The above video shows both quarterbacks threading the defense on a right side roll out.

Both quarterbacks can give headaches to opposing coaches. Both players have a rocket for an arm. They both have many similarities and, at this point, are striding into an elite class.

The biggest difference is Carson Wentz is a seasoned veteran and possibly one of the best thinkers on the field. Josh Allen is starting to hit his stride, and it’s looking very likely that he will grow into his high ceiling of potential.

We think both quarterbacks are outstanding. Here is what user sentiment from YouTube, Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter says about the two QBs: