Is it time for America to come out of the closet?

Is it time for America to change our Flag to represent the LGBTQ Population?

It’s Time for America to Get with the Times and Change our Flag to Represent the LGBTQ Population

For too long, America has been behind the times when it comes to LGBTQ representation. It’s about time we caught up with the rest of the world and changed our flag to represent the 3.7% of Americans who identify as LGBTQ. Not only should we change the American flag, but we need to change our military uniforms to reflect our proud American tradition of inclusion.

Our current flag is a relic of a time when America was a more oppressive society. A time when Americans were churchgoers and individuals who escaped a tyrannical government. The red, white, and blue of the flag are a reminder of the blood that has been shed in the name of bigotry and hate. It’s time for a change. The colors of the rainbow are a symbol of hope and progress, and they would be a more accurate representation of what America stands for today.

Our enemies will know that we mean business when America comes down from the sky in rainbow parachutes. We will no longer be a nation that turns a blind eye to discrimination. We will be a beacon of hope for LGBTQ people all over the world.

We are a nation of inclusion, and our flag should reflect that. It’s time for a change, and it’s time for America to get with the times!



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