Joe Biden’s $7 Gas Claim: A Misleading Statement at Best, a Lie at Worst

In a recent speech, President Joe Biden claimed that gas prices hitting $7 per gallon “has always been the case” in California. He went on to say that his policies if enacted, would bring prices down. But is he telling the truth?

Biden is blaming the problems on gas gouging and not his policies. Biden’s claim that gas prices have always been $7 per gallon in California is misleading at best and a complete lie at worst. The average price of gas in California over the past 10 years has been $3.65 per gallon. In 2012, the year Biden left office with Obama, it was $3.59 per gallon. Even during the height of the 2008 financial crisis, when gas prices spiked across the country, they only reached $4.60 per gallon in California—far short of $7 per gallon. So where is Biden getting his information?

It’s possible that Biden is confusing California with Hawaii, which does have an average gas price of over $7 per gallon due to the state’s high taxes on gasoline. However, even this is misleading because Hawaii has never had an average gas price as high as $7 per gallon until this year—meaning that Biden’s claim that gas prices have “always” been this high in California is simply not true.

1) Biden’s $7 Gas Claim Is Misleading
Biden is touting his role in lowering gas prices, but he’s not being completely truthful. Yes, gas prices have indeed gone up in the last year, but it’s because of his policy and world factors. Most of the blame lies with China and other countries that are buying up all the oil. Biden has sold American reserves to China.

2) This Is Bad for America
The reality is that higher gas prices are bad for America. They hurt our economy and make it difficult for families to get by. The last thing we need right now is another reason for people to struggle. Sadly, that’s exactly what Biden is giving us.

3) He’s Trying to Save Face
With an election coming up, Biden is scrambling to save face. He knows that American voters are angry about high gas prices, so he’s trying to distance himself from the issue. But the truth is that his policies are largely responsible for the current situation.

It’s also possible that Biden’s old age and dementia are catching up with him. If he is not lying, we are not sure what he is talking about. In the summer of 2020 premium gas in California was $5 per gallon in some parts of California. However, this would be disingenuous because premium gasoline is not required for most vehicles— meaning that most Californians do not pay these high prices at the pump.

In conclusion, Joe Biden’s claim that gas prices have always been $7 per gallon in California is false. His statements are a lie or a result of Alzheimer’s.



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