It seems Liz Cheney has been in the news lately, thanks to Donald Trump. And for a good reason, she is a sound bite. She’s been saying some pretty inflammatory things. The most recent episode of Liz Cheney is her saying, “If Trump wins the GOP Nomination, she won’t be a republican anymore.” To that, I think the world replies, “who cares.” We all know Liz Cheney is an establishment girl, regardless. She is in the right spot as long as she can make under-the-table deals.

Unfortunately for Cheney, she is still hung up on Donald Trump. Due to this, her days in office are numbered. She’s been teetering on the edge for awhile now and it seems like her latest comments have finally pushed her over. The thing is, does anyone really care? I mean, sure, she was a U.S. representative, but she’s not really done anything of note. In fact, she’s probably best known for being the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney.

So what will happen when Liz Cheney inevitably switches to Democrat? Probably not much. The world will continue to turn, and life will go on as usual. I doubt there will be any mass protests or uproar. People will forget about her soon enough and move on to the next drama du jour. Her only highlight has been being vocal about Donald Trump.

The next time you see Liz Cheney will probably be a sound bite about Donald Trump. She is on her way out, and frankly, I don’t think anyone will miss her when she’s gone. She’s done nothing of consequence during her time in office. She is the daughter of a former vice president and an Anti-Trumper. When the media does not need her sound bites anymore, people will quickly forget about Liz Cheney.

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