The decision by the Canadian Hockey League to ban Russian and Belarusian kids from league play is a terrible one. These young players are being denied an opportunity that they deserve based on nothing more than their nationality. Furthermore, they are being unfairly punished simply because of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, which has no bearing whatsoever on the actions of these junior players.

By prohibiting these young athletes from participating in the league, the CHL is doing a disservice to not only them, but also to the fans who want to see them compete against their peers. The world of hockey is a global one, and it is crucial that we do not divide ourselves along national lines. By supporting this discriminatory ban, we are sending a message that it is acceptable to discriminate based on country of origin or ethnicity.

Rather than punishing these players for something that has nothing to do with them, we should be encouraging them and giving them an opportunity to develop as athletes and individuals. By taking away this chance for success and growth, we are only hurting ourselves as a community and reinforcing harmful stereotypes about other countries and their people. We can do better than this; let’s stand together in support of our fellow hockey players from Russia and Belarus instead of discriminating against



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