The right to bear arms is an integral part of American society. This was originally put into place for two reasons, one being the ability to provide self-defense. The other is giving the people the ability to keep themselves safe from a tyrannical government. This also includes the ability to fight back when needed against an outside tyrannical government trying to take over.

The ability to protect a nation is not just for the military and the police. It is for everyday citizens. This fact has been proven more accurate over the last month in Ukraine. In Russia’s recent occupation in Ukraine, Russia’s army had trouble advancing because locals stopped them cold from taking over their territory.

The war in Ukraine had many lines that could not be crossed. NATO could not get involved, meaning Ukraine was on its own. The right to bear arms was and is an integral part of protection. If we cannot protect ourselves, especially in blurry situations, who will stand up and fight for us?

The president of Ukraine himself believes that civilians owning firearms can make all the difference when resisting takeover. This ability to protect a nation caused the Russian army to have to scale down its attempts.

The situation is not unique to just Ukraine. Many times America was saved by its people armed with guns. For example, during the Revolutionary War and the Civil War.

Ukraine has been a shining example of how civilian firearms can protect nations. The people there were able to rise up against oppressive forces and keep freedom. It may be time for part of the US population to reverse its anti-gun rhetoric and realize that firearms are our last opportunity for protection and freedom.



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