Allowing us to make choices for our bodies could be harmful to the majority of people. Some people want to be able to decide what is best for themselves—other people want the government to decide what is best for the masses.

What if “my body” was the deciding factor in an important decision such as whether or not I should have an abortion? Would this mean that any time a woman is faced with difficult choices, her choice should be based on what’s best for herself and no one else – including doctors who are trying their hardest to provide medical care using evidence-based practices without violating ethical standards set by hospitals/medical associations…and especially those who don’t want anyone else making decisions about them when it comes down to life and death dilemmas.

The debate over whether healthcare decisions should be left in the hands of individuals or not is an age-old one. Some people believe that you should have a say so as what gets put inside your body, while others think we need mandatory shots for everyone because it’s their right to live on this planet and shouldn’t let anything stand between them from achieving happiness
The discussion has been going since time immemorial; there are those who feel vaccinations violate someone’s “right” by forcing unnatural substances into their bloodstream against their will which could potentially lead towards injury later down the line plus many more documented side effects including headaches pain sensations fatigue insomnia , depression loss appetite Lou Gehrig disease paralysis mental illness etc… One might even argue longer term effects for a new vaccine are a concern.

“My body, my choice” should be the motto for all of society. We can either have pro-life laws requiring everyone to get vaccinated or not require anything at all because it is something each individual needs to decide based on their own informed opinion about what they feel comfortable with in regards to themselves and others around them considering this decision as well when deciding who will care enough for these same issues during pregnancy also such like after birth too depending how you frame things.

Maybe it’s time to stop sitting on the fence and play an active role. We want more medical requirements, or we don’t want any at all?


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