Two FDA officials, who are responsible for reviewing the safety and effectiveness of Covid-19 vaccine applications have decided to leave their posts at the FDA.

A letter from the FDA shared with CNBC by its spokeswoman Stephanie Caccomo, has confirmed that Marion Gruber and Phil Krause have both left their positions at the agency. They will be departing in October and November respectively.

Government officials announced plans to depart from the Covid vaccine program, just as many new vaccines are about go into effect. Officials have stated that these booster shots will be offered starting Sept 20th and until they finish reviewing data on them, but some health experts see this decision as neither safe nor necessary for a variety of reasons.

Why are high-ranking FDA officials leaving the organization? Many have expressed outrage over their departure, and with good reason. It’s been alleged by whistleblowers in a recent exposé from CBS News that many of these departing employees now work on committees related to similar products currently being tested at the Centers For Disease Control or within other federal government organizations such as Health & Human Services (HHS).

Why are top ranking officials abandoning positions in an important branch of our nation’s health system? Some believe it has something to do with ethics.


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