Saint Nicholas

December 6th is Saint Nicholas Day. Also known as the Feast of Saint Nicholas.

The tradition is placing shoes by the entrance of your home before bedtime. Historically when you would leave shoes out for St Nicholas, you would set aside carrots and hay for St. Nick’s horse. Much like leaving cookies and milk out for Christmas.

The children would hope to receive small gifts in exchange. Sometimes a Saint Nicholas wish list accompanies the carrots.

Saint Nicholas would commonly leave treats the left out shoes or boots. Historically the treats would include fruits, nuts, chocolate, candies, cookies, coins, poems, and small gifts. Now Saint Nicholas will leave candy and toys for the children. Adults can learn ad flair to the holiday by adding bottles of alcohol in the left out shoes. (not children shoes)

The holiday is about sharing, and it is encouraged to share with friends and family.

The shoe placement can vary; it is also acceptable to leave stockings by the fireplace.

In some cultures, Krampus is an included character for the Saint Nicholas Holiday. Krampus and Saint Nicholas are not the same person. Krampus is the opposite of Saint Nicholas. While Saint Nicholas rewards the well-behaved children with gifts. Krampus is a horned, human-like half-goat demon who may punish or kidnap children who misbehave.


Saint Nichols can be a wonderful holiday for friends and family. It can be a relatively easy holiday to add some extra cheer and excitement to the holiday season.